Hi it's me, Meryl Haberman, from Execu-File.

Thank you for visiting our website. After 32 years of my parents being in this industry, my goal is to mesh old fashioned practices with new methods. First, you may want to know a little more about me:

My name is Meryl Haberman and I have worked in Advertising and Marketing for most of my adult life. When my husband Scott and I were first married, we owned two successful businesses: a signs/graphics business and a cosmetic/skincare business. Today, that feels like a lifetime ago. With two businesses, we kept busy! We had a wonderful son; he is now all grown up, happily married, and living in California. After some time, I transitioned my career and worked for 15 years as a Sales & Marketing Manager for the nation’s largest bridal chain. A few years ago, I retired from corporate life, and took some time off.

Scott and me on our road trip

Wow, I was the luckiest lady! I painted and remodeled my guest room, tended my garden, hiked, biked, spent time with my parents, and reveled in “me time”. During the summer of 2013, Scott and I took a 7-week road trip across the United States. We had the most wonderful time together. The travel experience was incredible and life-changing.

A little more than a year ago, my parents asked me if I would like to take on their business. They wanted to retire - and boy, did they deserve it! What a great opportunity! What an honor! They loved their customers and wanted me to get to know them and treat them with the highest regard, respect, and affection. They were confident that I would carry on these precious relationships and build new relationships! In this way, Execu-File will continue to build up lasting relationships with exemplary service, just like mom and dad have always done…The Execu-File Way!

May the “Execu-File Legacy” carry on!


Meryl Haberman
Execu-File Inc. CEO