Execu-File Inc. has been in business for more than
30 years.

And not only has Execu-File been around for 30+ years, but we're also a second generation company! From the time of its inception, my father, Harvey Gilbert, prided himself on building relationships, providing storage solutions, and recommending products to manage the massive amount of paperwork that law firms, accounting firms, RE management companies and an array of other businesses require to stay on top of their game.

My parents Harvey & Darlene Gilbert

My parents Harvey & Darlene Gilbert

A year ago, my parents decided to retire, giving me the opportunity to keep the family business operating and add a 21st century feel! 

As a manufacturer and distributor of expansion products, Harvey’s goal was to support firms by helping administrative assistants and office managers alleviate office chaos and clutter. Even in today’s computer driven world, we still have tons of paper to file. Though my father didn’t invent them, he believed in his organizational products! Harvey serviced his customers with individual care. No client was too small. He would visit his customers, and they would give him keys to the supply closet. He focused on their needs; offering premium products printed or plain, sized to fit perfectly in drawers, and durable enough to withstand travel and many years of use.

Execu-File provides custom printed/sized folders with double thick tabs to fit perfectly inside expansion wallets/pockets and in your file cabinet. To make filing easier, Execu-File offers index tabs and labels to organize business practices. Harvey added letterhead, business mailers, and mailing labels to his repertoire when clients asked.  He always found a way to get customers exactly what they needed. Customer service, attention to detail, customer satisfaction and competitive pricing were his priorities.

At Execu-File, old fashioned service remains our priority, and we believe live phone communication adds a personal touch!

We fuse 21st century technology with our "tried and true" personal service and long-term relationships with local manufacturers to insure our customers' advantage. In addition, we provide new products and services to compliment our most popular, thriving products. I am very proud to be the daughter of this terrific man and the owner of Execu-File, Inc. It is an honor to be a part of this Execu-File legacy.

So take a look around. Let me know what you think!